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There is a new reality soap about to hit the TV soon. They are conducting interviews now to find characters for the roles.

Acting experience is not necessary, as it will be similar to other soaps, although, actors will play themselves.

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Characters sought after are:

People that are good at dying

Psychopath, preferably with a Scottish accent

Couple of gay guys, with one only half gay

Children that are more intelligent than their parents

The thickest police on the planet, preferably with a Scottish accent

Pair of lesbians, that can also do a man when called for

Dog that is good at almost dying, every few months

Publican with a tart of a wife, expecting many applicants for this role

Youngster with a drug problem, must be an annoying git with a big dog

Alcoholics that like hanging over a bar talking shit

Old philosopher, so everyone can tell them their problems

Mechanic that is good at falling down an inspection pit

Casanova capable of making love to every female on the show

Good looking females that like making love to a Casanova

Road sweeper with depression

Vicar that likes battering old people

Old people that love sex, older the better

Young girls that like having babies, in strange places

Tram driver that is not very good at his job

Aging female that likes transvestites

People that like making love to relations

Gormless female that loves serial killers

Serial killer, experience not necessary, as training may be given

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